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Youth Activists

Youth Activists

I didn’t got to any of the morning sessions yesterday as they were not necesarily relevant to my interests in doing this work. However if any one did attend Men, Health, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS or Men, Masculinities, HIV and AIDS and would like to share their thoughts and opinions, please let me know.

I did attend Youth Activism for Achieving Gender Equality and was really blown away by the passion, drive and creativity of the youth activists. They have all embraced new media, digital story telling and energetic activism with amazing results.

The session only became bogged down when the audience (of mostly 30 somethings, of which I was one) tried to engage the youth. I have noticed that, without trying to lay blame, a lot of people have a lot to say (which there is inherently nothing wrong with) about the amazing work they are doing. Unfortunately they aren’t able to speak about their work and experiences in an appropriate forum, which often leads to over-indulgent testimonials when concise questions are needed instead to engage presenters and audience alike in a question/answer style activity.

That being said, it is great to see how excited and passionate everyone is.