Rio Call For Action
The Plenary Sessions started in earnest yesterday morning. Two things were said during Dialogue With Women’s Rights Movements that I found very poignant. First from Michael Kimmel (paraphrasing from my notes) “never forget we are here because of the work of women” which he then summed up as “premature self-congratulation.”

Secondly from Judith Bruce, referring to a difficult and distasteful meeting she had with some rather misogynistic doctors (again paraphrasing) “if you’ve got someone to tell it to, you can make it through anything”

Unfortunately I missed the second session Including Men and Masculinities In Gender Equality Policies, but a friend gave me a summary: “Norway and Spain are the best places to live if you’re looking for gender equity.” Which I discovered for myself later in the day during Uif Rikter-Svendsen’s (Reform in Norway) presentation at Engaging Men to Prevent Violence Against Women And Girls. Unfortunately the rest of that session was very data-heavy and didn’t leave any room for engaging the audience.

The most engaging session of the day came, perhaps not surprisingly, from Jackson Katz during Men, Masculinities and Gender-based Violence. I had heard a lot of what he said when he was in Toronto in November, but it is always a moving experience.

The Global Village
also got into high gear with displays from many like-minded organizations around the world, with more to come in the next two days.

As well the Rio Call To Action was available in the Atrium for participants to voice their opinions. If you haven’t done so already, this is your opportunity to have your say.

img_0425 img_0426 img_0427

The best interaction I had yesterday, however, came after dinner, during a relaxed, informal discussion among colleagues. These are the sessions I look forward to most.

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  1. CJ- you’re a crazy good writer.
    I’m happy to have a glimpse into what exactly it is that you’re doing over there.
    Keep it coming.

  2. thanks mark!

    you would pick the post with the most typos and grammatical errors…

    all fixed now (I think)

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