36 Hours!

logo-grandeThe office is buzzing with energy as we fine tune the logistics of our participation in the Global Symposium Engaging Men & Boys in Gender Equality.

It was a bit of a battle, learning, tweaking, editing but I think I was able to put together a PowerPoint presentation that might actualy turn out alright.  Excited to see it on a big screen.

There will be a longer version available online once I figure out how to convert it to video.

See you in Rio!


3 responses to “36 Hours!

  1. Woops!

    So sorry to ‘aivg’ I deleted your comment by accident, trying to to allow for unmoderated comments.

    Thanks for following!

    From: aivg/barrinto2@gmail.com
    “Good luck. We’re following it.”

  2. Hello everbody,
    Namaste from Nepal,

    Happy to know about Brazil blogging. As far as my concern, I am out of the network of Engaging Men after the Workshop of Men Engage Alliance in Kathmandu except for the updates from its subscriber.
    I am at present working in ADRA Nepal in FP and SM project where MAP in RH is one of our intervention but want to do more over here.
    So, its my kind request to you please participate me in the forecoming activities of the alliance to contribute more in Nepal.
    Thank you a lot.

  3. Hello everybody,
    namaste from Nepal.
    I got the link after a long time. Now I am working under government health system of Nepal in Family Planning sector. In FP, in Nepal we find very low involvement of male. There may be three reasons behind this: one male think that RH is the just the issue of female, another male have little knowledge on such matters and the third one there is almost no choice for male in FP commodities. So its a challenge to involve more and more male in FP and overall RH components and to sensitize and involve them in RH for their own health, health of the family and for the well being of the whole nation.
    Niroj Ghimire

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